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fill out our Questionnaire

Let's find out what brought you here, what you have tried in the past, and how we will be making this the best decision you've made yet.
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You will then be contacted by Ian (Head trainer and owner) to schedule in your first video-chat session.
 This is where you can discuss your questionnaire and meet your coach for the first time! 
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getting the most from your meals

All based on your current level of activity & eating habits, we will help break down the confusion of food and allow you the flexibility to nourish your body with the style and flavours you enjoy while getting the results you want!

easy to follow, customizable recipes

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workouts that work

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During your first video call, we can start to strategize the perfect workout plan for you.  Assessing your body mechanics, range of motion, and any imbalances we will need to consider while creating the plan!

the best tools to create

the best results

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Using our meal journals and results tracker we can see the progress over time and continue to strive for greatness!  Add in some video reference and you're SET!

direct contact

One of the best ways to stay motivated and focused on your goal is direct communication if you have any questions along the way.
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Our check-ins are there for you to quickly (less than 5 min) give us an update on how the week went and what you'd like any extra help with.  We are here for you!

5 minute


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