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You will then be contacted by Ian (Head trainer and owner) to schedule in your first video-chat session.
 This is where you can discuss your questionnaire and meet me for the first time! 
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direct contact

One of the best ways to stay motivated and focused on your goal is direct communication if you have any questions along the way.


Our check-ins are there for you to quickly (less than 5 min) give us an update on how the week went and what you'd like any extra help with.  We are here for you!

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Your meal plans

easy to follow, customizable recipes

All based on your current level of activity and current eating habits, this workout and meal plan will be a great stepping stone into your ideal body!

workouts that work

During your first video call, we can start to strategize the perfect workout plan for you.  Assessing your body mechanics, range of motion, and any imbalances we will need to consider while creating the plan!

the best tools

for the best results

Using our meal journals and results tracker we can see the progress over time and continue to strive for greatness!  Add in some video reference and you're SET!

Plans and packages

fitness coaching at your level

 fitness coaching

[ Pro ]

Everything on the PLUS plan, plus...

Instant messaging with your coach if you have any immediate questions or just need a little extra support.

- We are here for you!

Additional video chats ongoing to correct form, demonstrate mobility moves or meal plan guidance.

Need a custom recipe to fit your flavour profile? We can do that too!

 fitness coaching

[ plus ]

Everything on the BASE plan, plus...

Customized meal plans to suit YOU

One-on-one video chats with your trainer once a week - strategizing the week ahead!

TFT branded workout bands, door mount, and travel bag 

(everything you'll need if you have nothing at all)

 fitness coaching

[ base ]

Customized exercise & mobility  routines made specific to your body and goals

One-on-one video chats with your trainer once a month - strategizing the month ahead!

Access to our exclusive content and discount on our products


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